Five years after the Paris Climate Agreement

This Saturday is five years since the agreement was concluded and the earth is still warming up too much.Global warming is heading at 3°C, according to a new UN report. In the Paris Climate Agreement it has been agreed that this may be a maximum of 2°C.

Sea level rise
Rob van Dorland is a climate researcher at the KNMI. That 1.5°C to 1°C seems little, but it's really worrying, he says. 'Over a period of centuries, 1°C extra warming meters means difference in sea level rise. And by degree of warming, the humidity in the air increases by 5%. Humidity in the air is the causative agent of hurricanes and showers. You're already seeing an increase in intensity of tropical storms'.

Shell: An Inconvenient Truth
For over thirty years, Shell has had very detailed knowledge about the dangers of climate change. In an internal study in 1986, Shell researchers warned about relatively rapid and dramatic changes in Earth's climate, affecting people's living environment, their future standard of living and food supplies, with potentially large social, economic and political consequences of this. In 1991, fifteen years before Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth, Shell made a film to warn about the effects of climate change and to start a conversation about possible solutions. Climate of Concern appeared in several languages and versions, including Arabic, Turkish and Dutch, and was shown worldwide in schools and universities in the 1990s. The film then fell into oblivion. We are now making Climate of Concern public again more than a quarter of a century later.