Salt Water Pool

When @Vet Doest is not busy rescuing animals and fixing them up. She sometimes has time to relax at the saltwater pool. Which she created for the rescue Flamengo's and sea turtles.

To give you a bit of a view you can check the video of the garden, where the Flamengo's and occasionally one or more sea turtles chill and recover.

On one of the pictures you can see Flamingo Bob and two of his buddies. But why are they not in the wild? They can’t be released. But they are also not fit for education purposes, as they have a different character from Bob and people freak them out. The other Flamingo's are Thomas the 2nd, George and Dora.

We see between 20-30 flamingos a year as a patient. Why? Because some get hit by cars, entangled in human waste like nylon fish lines, kites or attacked by feral dogs. Sometimes they are just weak from their flight from Bonaire or Venezuela to Curaçao. The latter are usual young Flamingos. Dora , George and Thomas do help with re-wilding other rescue Flamingo's, when they get out of veterinary care of @Vet Doest. But they themselves are still not fit for release.

Fun fact: the birds that are waiting to be released are fully capable of flying, but they never try to attempt to “escape”, while they hang out with our residents at their pool. But once back in the wild they will always mingle very quick with the wild group. And when we check-up on them, we only get to see them from a far!!

On one of the other pictures you see Nakia the Donkey. And they often have conversations.
Nakia: ”So Bob did @Vet Doest  rescue you too?
Bob:”Yes, I bumped into a hotel and she nursed me back to health “.
Nakia: ”Well I got struck by a car and was left unattended, until somebody called @Vet Doest  after two weeks. Actually they wanted her to put me down, because of my broken leg. But all she did was cry.
She sedated me. And when I woke up, I was at her home with a cast around my leg."

This is how Flamingo Bob got a new friend.

Can you find the Flamingo in the picture of the Sea Turtle? Most people know our foundation through the work with Bob the flamingo. We are a wildlife rehabilitation and rescue organization, that takes care of the wounded or sick wildlife, that live on our beautiful island. At this moment we are taking care of a green seaturtle, a royal tern , A young Caracara, a Booby, a bunch of Pigeons , Doves and baby song birds. We live on a small island that is very diverse in its nature and in its flora and fauna.

We want thank all of you who have helped us either by volunteering or donating. Last year alone we had more than 300 animals coming in. Some passed away. Many were released, and a few resulted in suitable education ambassadors when they were not releasable. Thank you all for your support.

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