Flying Shame!!!

my Fall

If you don't think anyone saw you.... All Maracaibo saw me.


I rehearsed this piece with my student for about a year, everything came out perfectly, worse was the day in question, the day of a dance festival, where we were all... where the expectations were put on me (not to believe but yes, many people love my style) and in half a scene, in half a choreography, in the middle of the show, I stepped on the wet floor, along with my pants and fell, I could not move I was very stunned, those were the longest 10 seconds of my life: (until I finally got up, I took a turn with the same wings of Isis that you see here, the rods that they form came out: oh (to make the scene worse), and I went to the legs of the stage, because I suffered a lot from my shoulder.

The next day the whole university (my university is small) asked about me, some to fool xD and others worried, and from there I went to my trusted traumatologist to see my shoulder (he also saw me fall because I teach him against his daughter), when I go to his office, I meet his secretary, he tells me “ohh, did you fall? I thought it was part of the scene. : (and I did not miss myself, I fell seriously, well, almost all The Office had seen me fall, and so I went all week looking for people who had seen me fall, the first time I fell and all of Maracaibo saw me: 0... And that was my story yoors.

I hope you like it bye!!!