Thriller: Bullying and Torture of Michael, Jack's Son

12-year-old Michael, as the people around are used to, walks alone on the street. He is widely known as 'Jack's son' and he regularly has to deal with classmates, neighbouring children and even with almost all adults. Everyone scold him and wants to face his face.

Bullying is central to the life of Michael, Jack's son. However, today it goes beyond normal. Today is a real thriller day for Michael .

Michael meets his friends

In a dark alley on the outskirts of the city, filled with the blind walls of the condominiums, Michael meets his friends. At least, friends... At least that's what they go for. Albert's black eyes stare at him menacing when Sammy says goodbye. Michael feels how behind him a few more eyes in his back. Robbie laughs menacingly while he trunks at Michael. The chills in Michael's body vultures to the hardest to a safe exit.

When Robbie puts his right index finger on Michael's back, he screams. This automatically results in a fierce laugh of his three friends. “What a scary bait! “ , calls Albert. “As Michael, Jack's son, you must be able to take a knock. This is not a thriller, but a hoot! ' The friends let Michael go, but when they leave, Robbie secretly secretly sneak a small battery of Michael's pocket.

Michael has followers

At the end of the alley, Michael turns left. Throughout his walk through the alley, he felt the urge to look back, but he knew he had to control himself. He knew he had to keep looking in front of him and go straight towards his goal. That was his only hope of getting through this dark neighborhood in one piece.

Just before he gets to the corner, he can't control himself anymore. He looks back skittish. Just one short look back. Right at that moment De Vink jumps for him. De Vink has a balaclava on, but Michael immediately recognizes him by his small but sturdy posture. With his knife in his right hand, he threatens to stick on Michael. Michael knows he can't go any way, because when he looked back, he already saw his three friends following him. He knows that he's gonna get a big beating again and start crying. And those tears are exactly what his friends are looking for. With that, they know that they have him in their power.

In the flat

Robbie grabs Michael firmly by his right arm. Albert pushes a clot of toilet paper into his mouth and cords his mouth with a gray cloth. Sammy walks in front of them to the entrance to the barns of the nearest flat. Michael knows that any wrong move will give him a knife stab. That's why he walks willingly.

Michael is taken to a barn and chained tightly to a metal lattice. His wrists and ankles are spread wide apart by Albert and Sammy, while Robbie fixes him with handcuffs. The fear is obvious in the eyes of young Michael. He realizes he's in deeper trouble than ever before. In a very deep pit.

Robbie takes the gray cloth off his mouth. Just when Michael wants to take a breath of relief and start shouting, he gets a right direct from De Vink. No ordinary blow, but with a baseball bat. It won't take a second before Michael hangs unconscious on the lattice.

Just torture

The unconscious Michael is brought to their apartment by his four kidnappers. This one is on the 14th floor of the building, where they are located. In a small inner chamber, he is laid tied on the bare, cold concrete floor.

The Finch regularly kicks Michael in the side and in the head. The steel noses of his boots do their crushing work thoroughly. If Michael rejoins slowly hours later, the blood still flows out of his many wounds. The gray concrete in the room slowly begins to acquire a red glow.

Then Albert gets an idea. Let's smear his white face with a layer of pitch, he suggests. Just the discoloration the other way around than his illustrious namesake. Let's see if Michael, Jack's son, fixes up from that. While he and Sammy are covering Michael's face with pitch, suddenly a grown man is standing in the room. It's Father Jack, who's coming to put an end to his son's nightmare.

Slowly it penetrates to Michael that this thriller was just a film in his own head. All the harassment he faces day in and day out, bear their painful fruit in these nightmares. He is glad that his father woke him up, but he remains afraid of what the new day will bring him.

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