Food product offerings sell better with refrigerated display case

If there is one thing to be clear about a display case, they're mostly there for the show. Whatever you see in it, it's meant to instantly catch your attention and give your eyes a living. The best refrigerated display case allows the product to influence choice, which is much less successful with a menu on the wall.

Influence with display case

Giving a customer a living a lot better than reading a menu. It responds to the emotions and allows the customer to choose more than they probably had in mind. This influence can be achieved not only by making the products visible but also by playing with colour and smell, as the eye also eats along.

Lighting of food products makes them look more colourful and healthier than they are likely to be in a showcase. The redder a nice piece of meat looks, the more it is chosen. This can also be achieved with fragrance. When you sit in a grand cafe sipping coffee and the smell of fresh hot apple pie comes out of the cake showcase, you are quickly inclined to be influenced to take an apple pie.

Detright and Prohibited Method

Not only does a display case work in making the products presentable, there are also tricks to make products look more beautiful than they are or tempted customers to buy a product. Some of these are still often used and other methods are banned again.

  • Meat that lasts longer until the next day in the butcher's refrigeration display case can be sprayed with carbonated water. Because the carbonic acid does not discolor the meat.
  • Adding sulphite to some older meat gives it a beautiful red color in an unnatural way. This way is forbidden.
  • Using the apple pie scent from the cake display case as a lure is tolerated, but should only be used within the establishment. This should not be used to attract passing (potential) customers if they are not already in.

Use in hospitality and retail

Refrigerated display cases are used in a variety of ways as to the place it should occupy in the store or room in which the refrigerated display case is used. This is particularly determined by the type of company that uses it to offer products.

In this, products are made presentable only in the form of a counter counter counter. At snack bars, this is the immediate storage place of thawed products before deep-fried and processed. With a butcher, the finished product is already ready in the display case and only needs to be packed and settled. The big difference between these two examples is the depth of the refrigerated display case as a counter. A butcher is a full stock because they work with fresh produce as much as possible. At a snack bar, this is just part of the stock.

A refrigerated display case is also used as a workbench when product offerings benefit from this. This determines the type of business that uses it. In particular, sandwich shops use a display case from which a workbench on the operator's side are used. This is more in the shape of a salad bar from which they have the ready cut ingredients that make your sandwich quickly under your eyes. At an ice cream parlor, this type of display case has a freezing function to keep the ice cream containers frozen while being displayed nicely to the customer who can choose from a variety of flavors. From this, ice cream is immediately created and the product is made.

Self service
Self-service refrigerated display cases can be seen mainly in the form of glass cabinets from which the customer can immediately pick up the products themselves and check them out at the checkout. This can be seen in larger forms at supermarkets and gas stations.