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I myself would vote Marko Zwier on political party Jesus lives.
I live in Twente, which is located in east Overijssel.
I'm looking for people in Twente who intend to vote for Jesus Lives.
I'm looking for people in Twente who want to help take action for Jesus Lives.

Action for Jesus Lives as among others these 2:

1 Statement of support to draw yourself and see by others:

2 Paste Posters. I've done that once before. I have the materials for it, and the glue I know where to buy it.
I don't have a driver's license and a car. I do have a moped certificate, but I don't have a brommobiel.
If you can arrange a car and want to drive with me, I'll get you the glue and the other stuff you need.
And I want to pay for the food. The posters I get from the Political Party JesusLives.

Contact me webmaster Marko Zwier via:

For more vlogs of them collected on my website, see :