Fraud and misery with DigiD

Fraud and misery with DigiD — It's time to investigate again! An investigation can't hurt, but it can save fraud and misery.
  • 2018:Ex-tax officer in jail for Digid fraud (Hundreds of thousands of euros have been paid in wrongful allowances — gross violation of his official secrecy abuse of his duties)
  • 2018:Nine suspects of Digid fraud in court (The fraud is said to have taken nearly four tons of money. Justice suspects the suspects of breach of professional secrecy, fraud, computer breach, theft and forming a criminal gang.)
  • 2014:Suppose earns 50,000 euros with Digid fraud. (It was mostly older people who were the victims.)

Not every 65+ uses the Internet, but they too have to let third parties take care of their affairs without choice and this is often abused, because the login details are shared with people who carry out administrative matters for them.

Consciousness is necessary and also personal contact between older and reliable government.
At the moment DigiD issues a notification:False emails MijnOverheid in circulation. Do not click on the link in email- Yes.Did you receive a fake email? Please report this by sending it to - Yes.