Free Cover Venezuela

Free Cover ZULIAN PRIDE. available on all digital platforms, to listen to it in the car (spotify, Apple Music and more)
The creators of the successful Free Cover project indicated on the weekly Live of One Night with the Three, that they wish to present the audiovisual and orchestral work they lead, in Maracaibo, their homeland.

They are two young people from Zulia Daniel Bracho and Alejandro Barrera, who left the ranks of the group Caibo who recorded the first Free Cover with the theme Amor Fiel in 2017 in the courtyard of the house of chompa.

Among his most outstanding productions are Los Blanco sextet, the Billos Caracas Boys orchestra, Argenis Carruyo, Selena Quintanilla, Ricardo Cepeda, Neguito Borjas, Nelson Arrieta, Ronald Borjas, Mayre Martinez, Diviana, the tribute to Pastor Lopez breaking record of views, since in four days they reached one million people who enjoyed the audiovisual work on the voice of one of the best singers in all musical genres such as Rafael el Pollo Brito and an excellent program with Colombia's Felipe Pelaez. Where not only does the music of the Venezuelans stand out but also that of many others who join the experience of A beautiful work that this group have been doing for several years with Free Cover, In the city of Miami, which has become the favorite music of all Venezuelans in any corner of the world.
I invite you to enjoy it and share some of our music and feel proud of the Venezuelan talent.

freecovervenezuela is now available #spotify #applemusic #freecover