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Free crochet pattern jungle finger puppets

These little finger puppets with the jungle theme, are of course super fun, you can play with them. A jumping monkey, a tough lion, a stubborn zebra and Tarzan with a big bunch of hair. Together they experience all kinds of adventures on your fingers.

Crochet them yourself with these free patterns and put them on your fingertips.And you don't have any fingers left? Then your sister, brother, father, mother, grandfather or grandmother should just play along!

There are 4 different jungle finger puppets. They are crocheted by Tamara Kelly from the blog site Moogly. (There you will find many more nice crochet patterns!)

The link to each crochet pattern can be found below, under the pictures!

All 4 of them are very nice, and really not difficult, you know! I like the little monkey the most. And if you crochet one, it doesn't have to stay with one monkey. A second crochet is easier and faster, so you can make more, like 10! That's gonna be a whole lot.


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