Free crochet patterns Autumn

In the autumn theme there are many nice crochet patterns to be found. Sweet acorns, leaves, forest animals etc., they are all hooked. For the crochet fans we have collected the best free crochet patterns.

Do you have any more nice links to autumn crochets? Or did you put a nice autumn pattern on the Internet that you want to share? Feel free to report it to

Sweet acorn: Marrot Design (EN)

Beautiful owl: Great Grey Crochet

Sweet acorns. PlanetJune (UK)

Mini hedgehog: Craft Passion (UK)

Leaves acorns pine cones: Mumsboven (EN)

Autumn leaves In the Yarn Garden (UK)

Autumn Twigs: Love Crochet (UK)

Pumpkin Coasters Irarott (UK)

Autumn Leaves: The Painted Hinge

Autumn Wreath: (UK)

Pumpkin Baby Hat: All Free Crochet

Cheerful pumpkins: My Merry Messy Life

Fly agarics: MrShooked (EN)

Hedgehog Pincushion: MrShooked (EN)

Autumn flower: Mara Makes (EN)

White pumpkins: The Haakwsen (EN)
Pine cones: Planet June (UK)
Pouch fox Rilla2U
Beavers: Amigurumi To Go (UK)

Autumn Bag: Moogly (UK)

Decorative coasters or potholders or as a nice dress to use: Moogly (UK)

Pan Coaster: Lion Brand (UK)
Ssnails: Smedley (UK)

Autumn flowers: My Blue Angels (UK)

Mini forest animals fox, raccoon and beaver: Amigurumi To Go

Chestnuts with peel - Happy Handmade Living (EN)

Lots of crochet fun desired by Crea with Kids and The Craft Teacher Ede !

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