Free Crochet Patterns Mushrooms

On a red mushroom, red with white dots... who was sitting there, popping back and forth?

With this crochet mushroom you make a fun and original autumn decoration, which certainly not many people will have like that. You of course crochet the mushroom yourself, with the free crochet pattern below!

If Chris Lindeman-Loyen from Maastricht wants to crochet nice stuff, she often follows videos on YouTube. But sometimes she doesn't find the patterns she's looking for. For autumn she was looking for an easy and fun mushroom. To decorate the autumn table. That's why she crocheted this mushroom without a pattern, just tried something herself. Handsome, huh?

Especially for Yoorsshe put her pattern on paper so we can share it here. She sent in the description and the pictures. It's her first time she's written a crochet. Very nice, because now we can all get on the hook this fall!

Pattern Mushroom -Chris Lindeman-Loyen

Supplies: scraps of white, red and green wool, crochet hook 4,5mm, filling, scissors and embroidery needle.

Stitch: fasting (V)

Handle:white wool. Start with a magic ring.

  • 1. 6V
  • 2. 2V in each stitch (12)
  • 3. up to 12. 12V
  • Fill the stem and change color.

Hat: red wool

  • 13. 1V 2V in one stitch. Do this 6 times 18V
  • 14. 2V 2V in one stitch. 24V
  • 15. 3V 2V in one stitch. 30V

  • 16. 4V 2V in one stitch. 36V
  • 17. 5V 2V in one stitch. 42V
  • 18. 6V 2V in one stitch. 48V
  • 19. 48V and decrease in the next tour.

For an invisible reduction, pick up only the front loops of the stitches with the crochet hook and make a fixed on 2 stitches.

  • 20. 6V 2 together. Do this 6 times.
  • 21. 5V 2 together. 36V
  • 22. 4V 2 together. 30V
  • 23. 3V 2 together. 24V
  • 24. 2V 2 together. 18V
  • 25. 1V 2 together.12V Hat fill.
  • 26. 6 times 2 stitches together and attach.

Embroider with white wool the dots on the hat and with green wool the grass on the stem.

Getting rid of threads.


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