#Freestyle Imagine the whole world is looking for you? And you only have a week to hide....🤔 They want to kill you. What would you do?

I will put on a ridiculous make up for my face to mimic a man's face. A moustache will be so obvious.... maybe a beard...with some facial hair inside my ears and nose. I will migrate to some other country let's say Zambia or Namibia.

Because many people don't bother to know who a mad person really is, or why the person is behaving in a certain way, nor do people care to really find out if a person is mad.

And because mad women are easily sexually abused, I will make sure that I rant, snort and grunt fiercely and awkwardly like a male. It will be hard to tell if I am a woman. I will go out of my way to behave like a man. I will put on men's clothing and twitch my nose repeatedly like I use to see my grandfather do in a funny way.

My voice might give me away, so I will be cautious to talk only when necessary. And since many people fear quiet people. I will remain quiet most of the time.

Probability of my would be killers looking for me among mad men will be nil. Like the Bible book of Proverbs says; better a live dog than a dead lion.

I fear the dark so much, I am still thinking of where I will hide at night, because I can not walk into an hotel and be allowed in even if I had the money.....and again it would be too risky.

What would you do if you were in my shoes and where would you hide at night? # Woman # Mad # Hide