Nadya Vasey imagination got the better of her when as a double -amputee, she went swimming near her home in Auckland, New Zealand.

A surprised little boy asked her why she had no feet....and this story which first appeared in Oprah Magazine written by Stephanie Pearson was almost similar to what happened some years back when I invited a guest who was a double amputee too.

My shocked little boy then ran far away from the house in anguish and confusion crying painfully.

He had never seen a double -amputee before 'walking' with her hands and sandles placed as pads between the fingers, while dragging her body towards the house, having been helped to disembark from a motorcycle.

I am glad the lady was so confident in her 'walking' I just stood there in amazement and embarrassment....staring.

So Nadya the New Zealander simple reply to the boy who had asked her why she didn't have both feet was that; ......"i am a mermaid" and then dived into the sea feeling ecstatic about her reply.

How do one come about with ideas for innovation?

I am certain Nadya had thought about being a mermaid before.... maybe she had researched about it in books and online. It might be that she had fantasised about it.... maybe reflected and drawn pictures on how a mermaid tail can fit onto her remaining legs.

Maybe she had made samples of a suitable materials. And when the little boy asked her about it....she didn't hesitate nor feel like she had to look for an answer, she wasn't even embarrassed. She just quipped...."I am a mermaid"

Nadya wrote an email to Weta workshop, the special effects company that won four Oscars for its work on the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. She wanted a tail to help her move gracefully through water . She got a yes, yes, yes, a big-fat yes from the workshop owners. Nadya had thought about the idea of having a tail, imagining, fantasising and reflecting. When she acted on it. Things fall into place. Imagination is thinking in other words. What have you imagined of late. Is it possible to collaborate or partner with relevant people to make it a reality.

Many more swimmers who are double -amputees are going to be able to have a tail because of Nadya's imagination.

Are you interacting with medically unwell persons, students, infants, invalids, individuals who are abled-differently? Make it intentional to create something which makes their lives better. Because as the nineteenth century writer Rumi said; we don't live for ourselves, we live for others, just like the sun doesn't shine to benefit itself, the stars doesn't shine for itself, the oceans provide home and water for other creatures, the rain does not pour down to benefit itself. The secret of living for others is the utmost rule of nature.

Imagine for others to benefit. Innovate for others and you will be rewarded.