Respectful Listening

#freestyle Respectful listening is when you give space, You walk away, You say good bye, Nodding politely, Letting go, Embracing, When none dares, Blessing instead, Of cursing, Smiling painfully, That is respectful listening. Becoming vulnerable, Humble, Even a coward, Silent amid noise, Timid, Observing, Without urgency, Without interruption, Without pre-judging, That is respectful listening. Listening with an intimate heart, And a mental peace, Holding a human hand, A venting human, Troubled human, A tired soul, Listening respectfully, Under promising, Not be caught by your own words, Being modest, Accepting reproof, Giving calm answers, Being discreet, Reflecting, contentedly, That is respectful listening. When a kitchen stool and an executive chair, Are put side by side, And you choose the stool, When the laws applying to a king in chariot, Applies to the man pushing a wheel-cart, And the man carrying a heavy burden on the shoulders, That's respectful listening. Listening with the mind not the heart, Nor the ears, As the heart lies, And the ear, like the eye only hears and sees the literal happening, Listening without confidence, With honesty and balanced emotions, Speaking truth to yourself, Respectfully listening.