Frog crafts from a pot lid

Do you also like recycling? Here's a nice idea!

Today I recycle a lid in a frog!

What do you need for this?

- A lid of a vegetable jar

- Paint brush glue scissors

- Felt shaking eyes

- Square wooden board -2cm thick/ sisal rope

How do you make it?

1. You take over the lid on the green felt with a pencil. You take the lid as a starting point, and draw a cm wider around it. You draw the eyelets, attached to the drawn shape. You're going to use this later. The inner size of the lid, mark on the felt, in front of the frog head. You cut out both forms.

2. Paint a lid on the outside, and the edge you see on the front, green. Let it dry well.

3. Stick the lid with glue on the felt shape, where the frog eyes are attached to. In the lid, stick the circle of felt.

4. Shake eyes in the eyes of the frog. For the beak, cut out a black piece of felt.

5. And you can still make paws, which you then stick on both sides with glue.

6. You can make the frog on a wooden painting. Take a nice piece of square wood, {2cm. thick} and grind the raw pieces completely finely. Make a hook to the painting by drilling holes in 2 places at the top. Through these holes, you pull the rope through, and you tie it with a knot at the back. You now have a loop hook.

7. Now go around this square with sisal rope, tie the rope around it and secure it with glue. Choose a glue that adheres well to wood and rope. You do this a couple of times, and you make sure that the ropes fit properly. Push it equally well for adhesion.

8. Allow to dry. Then stick your frog with glue on the wooden painting.

Lots of crafting fun!

Cutting out the felt shape.

The result!

Recycle craft-parts

Recycle crafting

Part 1 Recycle Crafts: Unicorn

Recycle Crafts

Part 2 recycle crafting:Pig

Nice stuff with Frog in the lead role.

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