From a t-shirt to yarn.

Recently, someone gave me a bag full of 'leftover' yarn. To use with children's parties. Super handy, of course!

That bag also contained a ball of pink T-shirt yarn. It was fished out by a girl at a children's party. They turned a combination of T-shirt yarn and two cotton yarns into a strap for a jeans bag.

I liked that so much that I wanted to look for that type of yarn on the internet. Until I came across a photo of someone who made that yarn himself out of old t-shirts.

Hubby has plenty of shirts in the closet so I pulled out an old white one. And got to work.

The best part is that a T-shirt has no side seams, so you get fewer 'thick' pieces in the yarn. But otherwise, this recycling tip works perfectly.

And you depend on the colors in the cabinet. But for my workshops, that's no problem.

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