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For years, a special viewing hedge defined the street scene at the station of “Calmpwood”. Charles Van Geert, owner of the land and the nursery of special trees, planted this hedge in 1872.

The berceau had a beech hedge with ivy and vine as roof vegetation on two sides. It was a sheltered warehouse for plants that were ready for transport to customers.

The current hedge is not an exact copy of the 1872 one, but it has the same proportions as the original, which was part of a berceau . The copy is shaped with ivy .



Info-panels have been incorporated into the current hedge, which appear by pulling a cable.

This setup can be viewed by visitors to the Arboretum Kalmthout, which includes the 'Van Geertenhof'.

Address: Heuvel 8, 2920 Kalmthout

Province of Antwerp.

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