From Nothing

#arrebol #Venezuela Avoid saying “You're welcome”.
When we answer “you're welcome”
to a thank you,
we're wasting a very powerful energy.
Gratitude is a very powerful energy that
open doors on higher levels.
So when they tell us
“Thank you”, perhaps it is better to answer
“I take your thanks”, or better yet,
“I appreciate your thanks,
it was a pleasure to help you”.
In this way there is an effect
multiplier of this energy.
10 DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY “YOU ARE WELCOME” for my friends at Yoors.

It's a pleasure

Thanks to you

With pleasure

It's nothing

There is no of what

For nothing

They don't deserve

No problem

You don't even have to say it

That's what we're for.

Every Day Is A “Enjoy It” Gift