Afternoon tea what a great idea...

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Tea time... for me it's always tea time aslong as there is tea and biscuits... or cake or chocolates... it really doesn't matter... for me, tea is always a good idea. Did you know that the temperature of the water and the taste of the water has an influence on the taste of your tea? Your fresh Morocan mint tea will probably not taste the same at home as it tasted on holiday and the nice English breakfast tea will also have another taste in England than when you make it in Holland. It makes sense... when you start thinking of it. So next time you drink tea... remember how wonderful life is and how nice it is being with the smell and warmth of your cup of tea. Taste slowly and enjoy your preferred tea because your tea is very personal.

A few years ago I wrote a little blog on how to make your perfect cup of tea... you can read it here by clicking on the link

But now I got a few questions for you:

Do you like tea?
What's your favorite taste?
Do you drink your tea with or without milk?
At what time of day you mostly drink tea?
Do you like iced tea?
Did you ever made iced tea yourself?
Do you prefer loose tea or do you mostly use a teabag?
Do you drink your tea out of a cup or out of a mug?

Well, that is a lot of questions but I'm looking forward to your answers.