Frozen records..!

To continue talking about this unique character, I would like to give you a little more information about the guinness records that he himself possesses.

It holds 26 world records, but I'll show you the ones that have caught my attention most.

On 16 March 2000 , Win Hof broke the guinness record for swimming the longest distance under the ice, with a distance of 57.5 meters.

He swam in a lake near Pello, in Finland, was recorded for a Dutch TV show.

On January 26, 2007 , Win Hof broke the record of running a barefoot half marathon on ice and snow with a chrono time of 2 hours, 16 minutes and 34 seconds.

Win Hof broke the world record for longest time in total contact with ice up to 16 times, with 1 hour, 42 minutes and 22 seconds on the January 23, 2009.

In 2007 , Win Hof climbed to an altitude of 7 200 meters on Mount Everest exclusively with shorts and slippers, but did not reach the summit because of a foot injury.

In February 2009 , Win Hof climbed to Mount Kilimanjaro in two days when he wore only shorts and sneakers.

In 2016 crowned Gilmans in Kilimanjaro with journalist Scott Carney in 28 hours, an event later documented in his book.

In September of that same year , ran a marathon in the Namibian desert without water, under the supervision of his doctor.

As far as I'm concerned this guy is a rebate of Thor, or some other Nordic god, lol.


Step by step, animals get rights
Animals should be recognized as sentient beings. Animals should no longer be adapted to the system but adapt the system to the animals. Breakthrough: Animals better protected by law thanks to proposals Party for Animals - Three fundamental amendments Act Animals adopted - Party for Animals - It is no longer permitted to hurt or cause injury to an animal, or to harm the health or welfare of the animal in order to accommodate the animal in a certain way. Specifically, it means that it is forbidden to dehorn calves and goats and that there are no interventions in roosters.. Tail docking is prohibited from 2023, ducks must be given bathing water and rabbits must be able to dig. Animals are formally recognized as sentient creatures in British law. Animals should be formally recognized for the first time as sentiments in British law, in a victory for animal welfare activists, as the government has drafted a series of animal welfare measures, including the cessation of most live animal exports and prohibiting the import of hunting trophies. Today 14 May we start with a new action for the fish: for ten weeks we present our 10-point Fish Manifesto for better fish well-being. On Friday Fishing Day, the MPs involved in fishing and animal welfare receive a new point every week, with which they can get to work to improve fish welfare. This action is conducted together with Animal Protection, Fish Protection, Sea First and the Animal Coalition. More campaigns High production at the expense of animal welfare. In our country, we “produce” about 500 million animals every year under horrible conditions. Factory animals are propagated, fattened and processed. 1.7 million animals are slaughtered every day in the Netherlands. This is what we call the livestock industry. The livestock industry is also called intensive livestock farming or (formerly) bio-industry. Animals are kept close to each other in stables and often on a large scale. Saves on everything: space, feed, labour, etc.. This is at the expense of animal welfare. Animals suffer in the livestock industry because they have to produce or grow as much as possible in a short period of time. What is the livestock industry? | Wakker Dier - Organic livestock In organic livestock breeding, the welfare of the animals is better regulated. For example, organically kept animals have more space and are allowed to go outside. Many unpleasant interventions such as the removal of tails in piglets are prohibited. In addition, antibiotics are rarely used. Animal Welfare - Biodiversity - Farmerland - Blog collection -
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What's your most important rule of life?
I'm very curious about yours. You can post below in the comments. How you got it ? Why this one is so important to you ? For example, one of my most important rules of life is, “Don't postpone anything.” Just learned by experience and because a lot of people die. My deadline is also approaching. How to turn it or turn. (I'm otherwise healthy hear:) And I was looking for a good working way to get a lot done. Have a lot of output. I always have space and freedom in my head because everything is finished. You can also post about it. I've linked a nice booster to it. Photo: The Warriors. #Ruleoflife