Fruit craft tips - Craft a Pineapple!

The pineapple is very hip these days! Air beds, lamps, flip-flops, socks, bags, pouches, erasers, squishies, I've seen a lot of them! You too? And have you ever seen these craft ideas?

I have collected some nice inspirations for you, I'm sure you will be bubbling with creativity afterwards! With these inspiring examples you want to get going. Well, at least I did, and I did. At the bottom you will find my own pineapple wall hanger, including cutting sheet and 2 coloring pages of Anna Pineapple.

And of course also at the bottom more delicious fruity craft ideas, e.g. from Mirelle van Crea and Kids, you don't want to miss them, so look quickly!

To fall into the house with the door, make a door hanger! Or buy it at Etsy

With empty toilet rolls! DIY Pineapple

Invitation card, idea of Made By Jan DJ

Free Paper Folding Pattern at Amelica

Paint your own klemboard. fun! Agirlandagluegun

Painting a glass jar.

Make yourself with textile paint on linen bags, but also just for sale on Etsy

This one is a bit easier to make yourself, stick strips with adhesive tape so you get clean lines. Or buy the trendy bag at Etsy

Free crochet pattern: Rescued Pass Designs

For toddlers: use your hands! Glued to my crafts

Stick the pattern with yellow buttons or corn! gTMC

Are you throwing a pineapple party? Then make these cute gift bags of yellow bags and a felt-tip pen. Download here the free printables of the green pineapple crooks.

From yellow (plastic or cardboard) cups you can make pineapple cups in a seesaw. Free printables of the green pineapple weed download here

Pineapple hats, method: Today's Parent

Buy a real pineapple in the store and spray it with yellow and green paint. Then give him some fancy sunglasses. Nice decoration!! Idea: Today's Parent

Roll in bubble jet film with paint and put the paper on top to get a print. In the

Timecards for mobile/pendant! Download it at

Make a storage box for your headphones, from a child-surprise egg. Look here for the method

Made with honeycomb paper Birds party

From paper or foam rubber sheet and a punch make a pineapple garland. Idea of Frilly Designs , there also for sale.

Cocktail sticks are quickly made in pineapple style! Photo: Miss Red

Make a stamp of a potato! Source: Fraulein Papaya

Plant plugs made of salt dough. Source: Honey-love and
From a paper plate Crayons and Cravings
Or keep it small: make a small book clip! Source: Jinjerup