Inspiration & Examples: How to make a post for YoorsNovember?

Here I am yet again, but this time to inspire you on various ways on how you can make your first post for tomorrow. 30 days, 30 photos. And ANYONE can participate. You can be a professional photographer, amateur, hobbyist, just a reader, does not matter :) We encourage everyone who wants to have a share of fun in November to let us into their creative minds.

  1. Take a photo each day of November inspired by the word of the day on the promptlist. Make a post on Yoors about it.
  2. Add the prompt of the day to your post (f.e 1 November = #fruit , 2 November = #mistake, 3 November = #swing)
  3. Participate in the pool with the hashtag #yoorsnovember


The possibilities are endless with this challenge. There are no rules regarding what needs to be in your post, so you can surprise us with anything. All in all, the most voted post will win the daily prizes. Below we want to show you a few examples on how you can be making your posts. These are just examples, please feel free to upload anything you like, but by sticking to the rules mentioned in the challenge.






A nail could be two different things yea? Some days are fun as you can interpret the words on different ways.


Now enough with the ideas... I leave YoorsNovember Day 1 - Fruit completely in your hands! I'm excited to see what fruity photo's you guys will be posting tomorrow. Just one night of sleep, and the fun can begin!

  • As you can see all posts include the mandatory hashtag #yoorsnovember and the mandatory prompt of the day (#mistake , #swing, etc...).
  • All photo's should be your OWN.
  • Did you miss out a Yoorsnovember day, no problem. Upload it the next day.

To everyone who wants to try, you rock! #yoorsnovember#yoorschallenge. If anything is still unclear, please ask us in the comments.

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