Fulfillment with the Holy Spirit (32)

... years ago in a church society...

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Follow-up story Kalle and Pietje, part 32

The fulfillment of the Holy Spirit is for every Christian, says Sebastian in his introduction that afternoon. But unfortunately, few accept this gift from God. This afternoon we would like to tell you about this and - if you wish - pray for you.


Often, Christians draw conclusions from experiences and perceived knowledge. Sometimes an idea has arisen years ago in a church society, or, on the contrary, been rejected. Then that's hard to change.

Being saved is one thing, says Sebastian, but living a Christian life is quite another. That's why you need God's help. The Holy Spirit wants to show you God's Love, but also gives you the gifts to work out Christianity in your life. Like Annie did to Pietje.

Do you want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? We're ready. And He, too!

With the keyword interwoven in this story womanizer also fits this part into the 140 words challenge of this month conducted by @Dewaputra .

In addition, the Alpha course an important source of inspiration for this phase of the story about Kalle and Pietje.


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