Fun and easy-to-use Cololight quantum lamp

We all know that I am a home to the life of the home, usually write articles, but also are based on home appliances and decoration. But that is not all of me, the truth of the matter is this……

I have to do a little bit of a cameraman on occasion

As a photography lover, occasionally also guest photographer this work, so every photographer will have some troubles, I also have. Like a lot of equipment at home that I don’t know how to put.

Set up a stall set up a stall

Over the years, with the increase of interest and the progress of technology, we gradually purchased a lot of equipment. Among these, such as lens and fuselage can play a role when bought, not to mention the current three fuselage + full focal segment lens can also meet my needs. But know that photography is the art of light. In the pursuit of light, you will always find that one or more lamps are just right.

So I also bought a lot of flashing lights, constant lights, ring lights and hand-held fill lights, but there has always been a deficiency, that is, atmosphere lights. As an indispensable atmosphere manufacturing tool in photography, the atmosphere lamp is a very important photographic accessories. But unfortunately, there is no photographic atmosphere lamp on the market that can create a full color gamut, display content can be controlled, and can be expanded as required.

Until a while ago, I found that there are some colorful LED light bars on the market that can be set through APP. However, such products can not meet the needs in both brightness and color patterns. Their luminous area is too small, and the color can not be set according to the position.

This time, I was very interested when I saw Cololight quantum lamp in da Ma’s Crowtest channel. Although the official intention of this product is to do light pollution for e-sports rooms and studios, its fully controlled full color function and self-expanding connection scheme have aroused my great interest. Therefore, I specially applied for the evaluation of this set of lamps. I just wanted to see if this thing would have a place in the studio, too.

Take the Creative Test Application Take the Creative Test application

I thought competing with a bunch of bigwigs for ideas might not be a success rate, because the competition is so strong. If you can’t get mass testing this time, just buy a few of your own to try, anyway, it’s not very expensive. To my surprise, I chose quantum Mechanics — the fun and easy to use Cololight quantum Lamp.

Product unpacking and display of workmanship

Two big boxes two big boxes

The speed of the manufacturer’s delivery is really fast, and it really sent me two large boxes according to the scheme design! Surprise, surprise, surprise!

The whole 30 Cololight quantum lights

A mountain of lights! A mountain of lights!

A whole 30 lights ah, but I participated in the mass test, a single test product number is the largest once, a kind of nouveau riche feeling arises spontaneously, to refuel yo.

Single lamp package front Side Single lamp package front side

Back of the package Back of the package

The packaging design of quantum lamp is full of IT style. On the front, IT looks like a CPU box, while on the back, IT looks like a mobile phone box. In fact, there are two kinds of lamps sent by the manufacturer this time, one is the main lamp, which can work independently. The other is the extension lamp, which needs to be connected with the main lamp before it can work. In the image above, the main lamp package is on the left and the extension lamp is on the right. On the front of the two boxes, only the product name on the upper left corner is different. The main light is COLOLIGHT MIX, while the EXTENSION light has an EXTENSION sign. The difference on the back of the box is also minimal.

Hatch cover design Hatch cover design

The main lamp and extension lamp are identical in appearance, the only difference is that there is a MIX logo on the main lamp and extension lamp. The only difference is that there is a MIX logo on the main lamp

On the back of the main light, the open part above is the 18650 battery case. On the back of the main light, the open part above is the 18650 battery case.

When you open the box and take out the quantum lamp, the packaging is fairly simple. The quantum lamp itself is embedded in the middle of a plastic shock absorber, which is well protected. The front of the lamp body is very simple, in addition to the design of the round sky and place, there are only 4 expansion slots and mode switch made into a symmetrical shape, and the shape of the back of the lamp body is much more complex, all kinds of concave and convex combination into an N-shaped structure.

Extension lamp attachment Extension lamp attachment

In the package of the extension lamp, in addition to the lamp body and manual, there are only two connectors and two self-adhesive stickers. The electronic connector is used to combine the necessary spare parts of the lamp set, and the rubber strip is used to fix the lamp body on the wall and other vertical elevations.

USB charging cable attached with the main lamp

In addition to connectors and strips, there is an extra USB-C charging cable attached to the box of the main lamp. The cololight quantum lamp’s main light can run independently on an 18650 lithium battery, so this charging cable is also an essential accessory.

Main light and extension light back Main light and extension light back

Put the back of the main unit and the extension lamp side by side, and you can see the obvious difference. The battery box of the main lamp has metal reeds, which can be plugged into the battery, while the extension lamp also has a battery box, but it is empty, obviously using the same mold as the main lamp.

Internal structure Internal structure

Turn on the light body (quantum light is designed to turn on easily, just snap). You can see the difference between the main lamp and the extension lamp more clearly, that is, there is almost no difference. The extension lamp is the result of deleting parts on the basis of the main lamp. Now, let’s take a closer look at how the main lamp works.

WIFI module WIFI module

Cololight quantum lamp is a product that supports WIFI Settings. A Wi-Fi+BT+BLE MCU module produced by Lexin is clearly welded on its motherboard, which is also a very common wireless module in the Internet of Things industry. It is also a frequent customer in my previous product mass testing and disassembly.

Motherboard, good workmanship Motherboard, good workmanship

The white motherboard is quite good in workmanship. The components are fully welded, and it is obviously machined. It can be seen that the motherboard has been set on April 30, 2021, which is a very new design.

Usb-c port UsB-C port

This interface is strictly a charging interface. Although the quantum lamp can also work with power supply through this interface, its main function is designed to charge the battery in the state of the battery.

Expansion interface board, expansion interface is very thick, reassuring. Expansion interface board, expansion interface is very thick, reassuring.

Sensor board Sensor board

Cololight quantum lamp has voice control function, so on its motherboard, there is an independent sound sensor circuit board. What caught my attention was that the board was named Sensor, not MIC or SOUND Sensor, and there was a very obvious device vacancy on the board. That piqued my interest.

Corresponding parts of the shell corresponding parts of the shell

In corresponding positions, advocate the lamp shell found the answer to the question, the bottom of the hole, the microphone is corresponding to the reserved device space, there have a very clear sense of infrared window, when the quantum light design should be support light control, perhaps the next generation of quantum lamp will have this feature, very exciting.

Connect magnet Connect magnet

As mentioned above, the quantum lamp is attached with two 3M strips for fixing on the wall or other facades. In fact, it also has the function of magnetic fixation. On the back of the shell, you can see a large iron and boron magnet with strong magnetic force.

Main LED light panel Main LED light panel

After looking at the auxiliary parts, let’s take a look at the most concerned place, that is, the light-emitting device of the quantum lamp. 37 RGB full-color LED modules are arranged very neatly on the motherboard.

And then you have a section of the effect of 18650

There are three power supply modes for the main lamp of Cololight quantum lamp. One is a 18650 power supply. In this state, the main lamp can only work alone. The second is 5V power supply through usB-C port, which can only work independently with the main lamp. Three is through the 24V power supply interface power supply, in this state, the main lamp can achieve a drag N way to work. I was so excited that I installed an 18650 battery, and the motherboard was lit up immediately. Without the influence of soft cover, the light effect of LED itself was more intuitive and charming.

So beautiful, so beautiful

In the macro lens, there is a different feeling, I was originally in order to photograph the welding process, but ended up focusing on the LED flash for a long time.

Isn’t it beautiful isn’t it beautiful

Dim the ambient light, it will be more beautiful. I even think the quantum lamp will look good without the soft cover. Is the manufacturer considering making the soft cover detachable?

And then we put the soft mask on and then we put the soft mask on

Of course, after loading the soft light cover, it is also very good-looking, the flashing of individual particles, into the overall streamer overflow. This quantum lamp looks really good.

Insert connector Insert connector

Although the connector design is very small, it actually requires a certain amount of force when inserted. Of course, for this important signal connection device, I think the tighter the manufacturer designs, the better, because it is not a part that needs to be frequently inserted and removed, and a tighter one can avoid various problems caused by poor contact.

Connect 24V power supply connect 24V power supply

The 24V power supply interface on the main lamp can supply power to the whole lamp group only after Cololight quantum lamp is connected to this interface, so this interface is the power supply interface in the real sense. The reason is simple, no one would buy a single main lamp with such a cool product.

24V 3A power supply, can supply power for more than 30 lights (to be purchased separately). 24V 3A power supply, can supply power for more than 30 lights (to be purchased separately).

Turn on the light check and APP setting

A single light would be so much more spectacular

The manufacturer shipped a total of 3 main lights and 27 extension lights, which is equivalent to a group of 10 lights, i.e. a main light with 9 extension lights. However, I have been very curious about this kind of equipment is that it can take a main lamp how many extension lights, so I can’t wait to follow the instructions according to a main lamp +27 extension lights all connected (series yo), connected to the 24V power after the boot, everything works normally.

Let’s switch the connection. Let’s switch the connection

By changing the connection mode, it is easier to see that the working status of the lamp group is completely normal under the connection mode of 1 drag 27.

Switch the lamp effect with one key

Through the mode switch button on the main lamp, the lamp group can switch between three modes and dozens of light effects.

APP icon APP icon

The most favorite thing about Cololight quantum lamp is that it can not only be controlled by the button on the main lamp, but also support to be controlled by APP. In the disassembly section, we saw the Lexin WiFi+ Bluetooth module in the lamp. According to experience, as long as any device with Bluetooth, it can directly discover and transmit WiFi setting data. In fact, the quantum lamp connection process is really very simple, in addition to manual input WIFI password, basically all the way to the next step OK.

In just 5 steps, the light is added

Each of the main lights can be added separately

Effect switch in APP Effect switch in APP

In the Quantum Lamp APP, there are too many kinds of light effects. Not only are there various preset dynamic light effects, sound sensing light effects, solid color light effects, but also you can set custom play library.

Adjust the brightness and eye protection mode Adjust the brightness and eye protection mode

And you can adjust the brightness of each type of light, and there is even an eye protection mode (low brightness mode). These complex adjustments are certainly not possible with the buttons on the main lights alone.

The Settings are extremely rich

The gameplay Settings can even be detailed to every SINGLE LED

The APP interface for Quantum Light looks simple, but if you drill down into each setting, you’ll find that it has a lot of functions, covering almost every aspect imaginable for an atmosphere light, even detailing the color and flashing mode of each LED bead.

Four small modification

The minor modification mentioned here is not an improvement on the product itself, but a very important project in the test plan proposed at that time is time-lapse photography. Therefore, the quantum lamp must be slightly combined to make a light strip that is convenient to carry out photography.

First prepare a light strip foundation, aluminum strip first prepare a light strip foundation, aluminum strip

As mentioned above, cololight quantum lamp has two fixed modes, one is magnetic connection and the other is 3M adhesive. Considering that this is an era where magnetism isn’t cool enough, I’m going to go for it.

Aluminum alloys can also magnetically attract key components

Available online, this special aluminum connector is made of iron and can be mounted smoothly in the middle of an aluminum strip, providing a basis for magnetic connections.

Power supply Power supply

Then use the pressure plate to make a mobile power supply of 24V output, so that the accessories needed to move the lamp strip will be alive.

Get your hands dirty get your hands dirty

Then move your hands, assemble these devices, and create a full-color LED strip that can be photographed outside!

Five time lapse photography test

Yangyang sasa wrote more than two thousand words, finally to start the test of this moment, happy…

Let’s do a little experiment in the room

The effect looks a little spooky.

Outdoor test one outdoor test one

This lamp test happens to be during the National Day, friends have been out, had to ask the leadership of the family as photography assistant, ran to the community casually do it, you do not say, the feeling of outdoor is better than indoor atmosphere.

Plus the point rotation change, nice

After playing a few simple light screen moves and feeling a bit monotonous, continue testing and rotate the moves so that the light band changes angles and looks soulful immediately.

What the leader thinks is the most attractive lighting pattern

After a lot of testing, we found the best lighting mode for shooting rainbow curtains, and in this mode, you just need to turn around and have a really cool effect.

Move on. Move on. Move on

In addition to some buildings through the effect, with the front and back depth of field, color light screen three-dimensional feeling more intense, it seems that when the end of the holiday, you can invite a few girls out to take a good fantasy style photos.

Six light effect test

The Quantum light is an ambient light, but its maximum brightness is comparable to that of some small LED fillers, especially hand-held ones.

UlanzeRGB supplement lamp for contrast

So I specially found two LE used to fill the light