Fun filled family times

I wanted to share two incidents that I caught on video two days ago and when saw an opportunity to share them, wasted no time in doing so.

The first video is of my pet rabbit. We call him Coco. He is a year old and is a silly little fellow. He loves to bounce around on my bed. When everybody goes to sleep at night, I bring him onto my bed and let him play. He loves playing with things and today he found a stole on my bed. I don't know what attracted him towards it but it seemed like he was having the time of his life with it. He spent a good 10 minutes playing with it.  I yanked it from him after a few minutes only to find a whole on it.

The second video is of my husband with his friends. We celebrated Holi on 18th March. This is a festival of colors where people gather around and put colors on each other. They use dry colors as well as wet colors. It is a fun festival. Here you can watch my husband with a bottle of Whisky, some good music and his friends having fun.

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