How beautiful and, above all, special when you can connect a group of people who have all gone through the same thing? It is grateful to be able to do this for someone else.

Today, I was able to accompany the Rouwcafé again, for those people who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Connecting them to each other. Sharing experiences, which is so important to be able to weave loss into life.

“Peers all have something in common: they know from their own experience what it means to lose a loved one.
The realization that there are people who have experienced the same thing and can give words to the loss feels like coming home. It's recognition; because I recognize the sadness of someone who has experienced the same thing.
I don't have to feel alone in dealing with my loss, there is an opportunity to share it”
(From: Always Never Again). About farewell & love, 2021 (Loes den Hollander)

What was shared in the Rouwcafé is that, apart from peer contact, the story can be shared with others. However, there is no real understanding of what is being experienced. Hence the end of today with the wonderful words: nice, useful, pleasant, cozy, special and pleasant.

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