Funeral toys as a tool for loss and mourning

When children are faced with a loss experience or a violent event, it sometimes seems to adults that it does nothing to children.This is because most children usually continue with the game they play.

However, nothing is less true.

If one looked at the game that children play after a loss experience, it could be that children process a loss experience or a violent event through the game.

This does not have to be so in all cases.Children can also play that cars collide with each other.

It is therefore advisable to observe children's play a little longer and only then draw conclusions.Better yet, ask the child what is going on.The child can often say this himself.

Children may find it more comfortable to dive into the game and prefer not to say anything.Let them stay in the game, you can get a lot out of this.

You can use many ways of playing: clay, drawing, painting, writing, playing with dolls and using funeral toys.

About the latter I want to talk today, because I myself attended a course on the power of using funeral toys.The funeral toy was conceived and designed by Richard Hattink van Rouwenadvies .

The funeral contains all the elements you might encounter after a death, from a cemetery to a crematorium.It challenges to discover, ask questions, but above all to play.Play and discover how to deal with loss and mourning.

It helps your child to make the loss and mourning of a loved one negotiable.

You can also use the funeral toys before someone dies, then you could use them in such a way that you can discuss with your child what is on display and how your child thinks about it.

It Funeral toys is for sale on the following site: http://Funeral

Wondering what you think of the funeral toys?

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