Furniture from clothespins and popsicle sticks for doll or dollhouse

Doll furniture doesn't have to cost money. At least, not so much. If you make them out of wooden half-clothespins, it's affordable. And wooden popsicle sticks also do not cost much.

Here I made a garden chair with clothespins and a table of popsicle sticks.

With some patience, it's easy to make. Also for children! Use all mucus if you have more time, use the glue gun if you want to glue faster.

Then you can paint the furniture. For example, with white acrylic paint. A “tablecloth” is made of a beer mat, and the seat is also a cut out felt.

Of course you can still decorate the furniture with ribbons, rhinestones, curls or other decorations.

The table is also easy to make. The sticks do not need to be cut!

With patience, I'm sure you'll manage to craft something like that. Really, you can do it!

Popsicle sticks and wooden half-clothespins can be bought at the hobby shop, or buy whole clothespins and pull them off from the iron.

Want to see more furniture from sticks and squeezers? Check out some craft ideas below! You see, you can keep it easy or try a little harder.

There are also small popsicle sticks.

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Or make a whole house:)


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