Gadgets... do I really need them?

Gadgets nice you think, the word alone makes it seem something very important... but what exactly are gadgets?

In the old days, one would put it as a new pinch.

Innovative and innovative are the words associated with a gadget...

The Fat Van Dale describes it as...

A small, attractively designed object or device used as a gift or accessory, a


So it's something you seem to need or something that is an extension to something you already have, but with newer features.

Once that newer is off, it's not a gadget anymore.

Just think of, for example, a powerbank or a pocket size foldable keyboard. For example, a USB stick was once a gadget and how about the 3D pen.

Gadgets are sometimes also just advertising... you can find them in goodie bags, they are distributed at events or even get them as a promotional gift.

So the trick is to make you believe that you really need a gadget and once you've used it, you can't live without it.

Some examples are the mini fan, a keychain that responds to whistles, a ballpoint pen with built-in flashlight,...


So handy to enable a gadget as a marketing product. But gadgets are new inventions or improvements to existing inventions that many experts started to work with. When that new invention is there, it is considered a gadget.

Then they often try to convince influencers, trend watchers and trendsetters of the usefulness or innovative aspect of a new gadget in the hope that they will make it known to the general public.

As long as a gadget is new, popular and hip, the demand for that gadget will remain. And by its popularity will it also be sold very much. Sometimes as a status symbol, often as a trendy fashion trend.