#gaming Another Facebook game that I enjoyed playing so much was Criminal Case, plus I like shows where they investigate murders until they find the culprit, and one of my favorite channels is ID (Investigation Discovery).

So in Criminal Case, you are a kind of detective and you solve murders in order to progress with the cases.

Here you must find important clues at the crime scene by clicking on the elements of the scene and here your speed predominates, because the faster you finish the scene, the player will earn more stars that you can use as a type of currency to perform the necessary tasks , such as examining evidence and questioning suspects. These tasks ask for 1 or 2 stars that you accumulate.

During this process, you will have to perform autopsies and analyzes that can take several hours in real time to complete, but that will be necessary to solve the case because they unlock other scenes and thus as the player progresses through each case, clues such as who the victim was, how she was killed, and how she was related to the suspects in the case.

I am not so fast with each scene but I really like to go discovering until I find the murderer of the case.

Image that belongs to the game Criminal case #Gaming

Criminal Case