Day R Survival – Apocalypse, Lone Survivor and RPG


Day r survival is a role playing game based on post apocalyotic survival theme. If you like role playing apocalyptic game but with less graphical features then this game is made for you. Except few downsides,the game gives hours of gameplay with a great story on a disaster environment.


•Low mb game •Immersive story and gameplay •Strategic game •Realistic features in game

 The Gameplay


It is based on apocalyptic world and it contains different cities of Russia/Scandinavia.The world is devastated with radiation and as a player you wake up at middle of nowhere with no memories of past and you have to survive and scavenge moving forward on the plotline. 

 Being a disastrous survivor with fragmented memories,it gives objectives to reach different cities and recover something which will help in deciphering the clues of what was going on before the disaster. The map is huge with many unique cities and we have to glide through many of them inorder to survive. 

 On entering the cities,it shows different kinds of buildings like abandoned homes,schools,military camps,shops etc which contains different types of loots. You can scavenge and take different items necessary like food,water,clothing,woods etc with you but it also has limit on weight you can carry.

Hunger, radiation and losing battle with wild animals and thieves can kill you. You can continue even if you get killed but you will lose many valuable items which makes the game harder. Features like cooking recipes,crafting,encounter with wild animals,radiation exposure,guns,vehicles etc. Makes the game harder and realistic and fun at the same time.

You will have 100 points worth of health,food,water and energy bars at the top of the game. Starvation,dehydration,wounds and disease will decrease health. Medicines and rest will increase the health. Walking,crafting and doing any task will decrease food,water amd energy bars. They can be refilled with intake of foods and water. But beware some food can give you poisoning.Sleeping increases the energy bars. You can also adjust total time of your sleep.

Different crafts are also available after you climb up in levels. You can even build vehicles and travel faster between cities.The story and gameplay of this game will give you an epic post apocalyptic survival fantasy that will fulfill all your hunger of survival games.


• No graphics and exciting fights for those action packed lovers •Theme could feel repetitive •The game gets hard real fast

My own experience

I have played this game but could not finish it. Still i found it very interesting and immersive. The game is fun,full of crafts and it gives that rush of survival which will keep you hooked. This game is worthy of mention and i wanna suggest you to play it once. Even if you leave the game in-between getting hard and bored, it will still give you a rush for search of similar survival games. 

 My rating: 3.5/5