Georgia Milestone Math & ELA Practice for Grade 3 to 8 Students

Students can practice answering questions on various topics that are perfectly aligned withMilestone Practice Test or the state of Georgia standards. Students will have thousands of questions related to ELA & math practice.

Georgia Test Prep’s Use:
Made in Georgia, by Georgia teachers for Georgia students keeping the needs of the parents (functionality, content and pricing) in mind!

For Parents:
No more spending money on buying practice books.
No more hunting for and printing worksheets.
No more spending hours checking the homework done by children.
No need to “break the bank”… get access for less than 10 cents a day.

For Students:
Access to thousands of Georgia standards questions.
Do the homework and practice online See the performance and identify areas of improvement.

Important Resource list from Georgia Test Prep:

Georgia 3rd Grade Math Curriculum
Georgia 4th Grade Math Curriculum
Georgia 5th Grade Math Curriculum
Georgia 6th Grade Math Curriculum
Georgia 7th Grade Math Curriculum
Georgia 8th Grade Math Curriculum