Put on your sandals and grab your sun hat in preparation for your safari in Tanzania.

As the burning African sun extends across the savanna, you will have the rare opportunity to observe and experience a fascinating, yet simpler way of life.

On every trip, you will get the opportunity to observe the dazzling animals that make the Serengeti plains home.

On your African safari, keep your eyes out for majestic lions, towering giraffes, sluggish hippos, and a variety of other fascinating grassland animals.

In addition, there will be opportunities to visit Maasai settlements and participate in their daily routines.

In the Classic Tanzania Safari, you will encounter shepherds and cattle herders tending to their livestock, goats, and sheep in the Ngorongoro Crater, the world's biggest volcanic crater.

A walk up the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro through the Machame Trek will wow intrepid and courageous travelers with its breathtaking vistas of the African plains below and the altering scenery as you rise to great heights.

Your Tanzania adventure will completely alter your perception of the vast African continent.


Get Inspired to Explore Safari in Tanzania

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