Get the ultimate guide to buying cycling glasses

Although it might seem odd to newcomers, many cyclists wear sunglasses throughout the year - not just when it is sunny. A person's eyes need to be taken special care of, since they are so delicate and receive 80% of all the information in the brain through the eyes. Eyeglasses protect our eyes from things which shouldn't be there - dust, rain, snow, dirt, grit, insects...

In addition to protecting the eyes, glasses can also reduce headaches caused by squinting into sunlight to reduce glare. It is particularly problematic for those in the UK and others who are not accustomed to handling the glare of the sun for more than a few days a year. In bright sunlight, the best glasses reduce glare while providing enough contrast and clarity to spot potholes surrounded by trees.

A pair of glasses isn't complete without lenses. It is good to know that even low-cost options can come with interchangeable lenses. When riding in different light conditions, such as at night, changeable lenses are extremely helpful. The majority of cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses offer three lens options:

Shaded lenses offer 100% UV protection, ideal for dimming bright conditions in summer

With yellow tinted lenses, grey flat light is brightened up, adding contrast and lightness to your vision

Dark, wet, or night time riding requires clear lenses

Lens made of one piece offer the best protection against both the weather and any other debris that might end up in our eyes.

Be sure to check out:

Water runs right off the lens because of the hydrophobic coating

The anti-scratch surface of the lenses is ideal for those little accidents

Lens with photochromic coatings automatically darken in bright light

There are many eyewear manufacturers that offer prescription glasses

The frames should also be lightweight, flexible, and strong, as well as fitting well. Keep your glasses in place when looking down or moving your head. A good-fitting pair of glasses will feel as if you are not wearing them at all while staying snugly in place.

Apart from glasses, cycling helmets are also extremely important for cyclists.