Dear friend @ellesvandenbroek  this short text and photo is the contribution I promised for #childrensbookweek2022 and it's about the importance of being outdoor with the kids and telling stories with some kind of activities, like picking wild strawberries or blueberries. When I was a kid my grandma took me to mushrooms picking once, telling me stories about nature and reading me stories in the shade while we eat what we collected. It's important to educate what you can eat from nature, and what is poisonous. I think it's important to teach the kids how powerful Mother Nature is - there are plants that can heal you, kill you or feed you! #kinderboekenweek2022 #gigagroen

Also, my dream as a kid was to have a tree house, one more activity people can do with their kids in nature, in their backyard! It's the perfect way to connect with nature while playing and let imagination do its thing! Maybe I can write a few stories on this subject?

Gi Ga Green - Child of Nature contribution