Pyrografie Brandschildering

Hierbij een kleine impressie van mijn "kunst" pyrografie, het branden van afbeeldingenin hout. Een leuke bezigheid vooral om in opdracht te maken en dan positieve reacties krijg dat het goed lijkt op de referentie foto.

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Abnormal housing market
I've been with my friend for a while now and we're ready to take the next steps together.. Buying a house.. Well that at this time is not to do as a starter! My friend and I both work full-time, are busy saving and still it is very tricky at the moment. Requesting for a viewing is very difficult if you are not there on time! Often the viewing days are already full after an hour!?! The reserve list does not make sense because the houses are sold and outbid. There are currently so many people looking for a house. In my area, people put their homes for sale and they are even outbid by more than €50,000!! That's not normal anymore.. Being an interior designer, I'm quite critical of finding and buying a house, but after doing a lot of consessions we still can't get through! I would like to have an entry ready house, it doesn't have to be new, but still neat to join a few years! Also we need an extra room, of course for the future (like children) but also for my friend's hobby, he is a gamer. haha! We are already watching social media brokers, keep an eye on Funda regularly and try to get through a house. How would you do? Do you have any tips? It's once my dream to buy a real construction dump and rebuild it to my dream home! But that's something for the future!
This is me
#iamnewhere Hello everyone I am new to this platform, I like it very much because here I can be very creative, and imaginative to achieve give free rein to my imagination, something that in my opinion is incredible since the best stories are told and published in a book, in this case by means of a blogs which reaches many readers of this community by so to speak. I am a mother of 3 children two men already and a beautiful woman who is my daughter, I clarify that my children do not lag behind are a few galans, obviously I do not speak only because her mom although there is also a little bit of that haha, I really like the pastry I love cooking is my passion in life I am always seeing new recipes to surprise my family. I love sharing with family since they will always be my priority for me, I love my parents and I respect them I try to take care of them as much as I can because they are already elderly people and this pandemic is taking away our loved ones and they are the most vulnerable. I hope you liked the little review about my life soon you will see my new publications wish you like it and if so you just have to support me by giving me a heart. Thank you all in advance here I show you some photos of me and my children and others where we are sharing with family. pictures taken with my phone