Giraffe of terracotta flower pots

I'm not done with the giraffes yet.. The flower pots, bought at the garden center, I also want to give a nice destination. And since I am in higher spheres, and my neck is sticking out, the jars become a giraffe. Not very surprising, but yes.

Extra attention to the giraffes is never gone. Because the number of giraffes in the world is not going so well. The habitat disappears, there are poachers and man is really a threat. Therefore, support the World Wildlife Fund and donate HERE !

By the way, did you know that they could be about 15-25 years old?

Do you need more flowerpot giraffes? Then look below!

Also nice due to simplicity: Catch My Party

Pearls have been used for the antennae, but other beads can also. Source Pinterest, name unknown

Source unknown, but this giraffe is so nice, I don't want to leave it out in this overview.

Project of wholesale trade in hobby materials Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately no longer available on their website.

This giraffe was for sale at Unique Treasure. (for 35 dollars, but no longer available) The idea can be imitated, of course, for the creative. . :)

Look for the method of working at Nicole Crafts

Seen in Bollywood Park by They Call Me Jammi

Giraffes with their long necks - Craft Tips

Many various craft tips from giraffes, for children

Giraffe mask

Make your own cardboard mask

Free crochet pattern Giraffe - Design: Supergurumi

Crochet this little giraffe too, using the step-by-step explanation

Giraffe, stick your neck out!

Coloring page and verse


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