Giraffes with their long necks - Craft Tips

It seems like a fairy tale, but it's really true. In the past, giraffes were deer-like animals with a short neck. Giraffes have evolved from that!

The first giraffes had to leaves of the trees , and the ones with the longest necks were best at the leaves.

The giraffes became healthier over time, they lived longer and got more baby giraffes. If animals get young,they pass certain properties. so. . there were more and more giraffes with alonger neck born. Slowly but surely the giraffes got a neck that 10x longer was than those of their ancestors!

Giraffes can be seen at the zoo, but they are also very fun to craft! Below you will find craft tips for making the best giraffes!

A great idea, also very simple. Pull your hand over and draw an arm on it. Cut out. Stick pompons (or brown paper circles) on it and your giraffe is ready. The method can be seen at Glued To My Crafts Blog

Popsicle sticks, yellow and brown paint (or a brown marker) and some black paper (or 2 pieces of chenille thread), these are the ingredients for this giraffe. A quick but fun craft. Method: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Inspired by the booklet: Giraffes can't dance, Red Ted Art has made fun giraffes with toilet rolls. The method can be found here: Red Ted Art

With this giraffe you can mark the page where you left off reading. So a kind of bookmark. No more folding pages of your beautiful book, just slide this giraffe over the tip of your page! Supplies, working methods and the How-to-Do-It video can be viewed at: Red Ted Art

This fun giraffe comes from Juf Sanne, made with a.o. 5 toilet rolls. For the method of operation, Click HERE

Make giraffes from styrofoam cones or from solid (yellow) cardboard. Tear pieces of brown paper. For the complete process and convenient pattern, also from the giraffe head: Aurednik GmbH

Giraffe made of cardboard, clothespins and wobbly eyelets. Method:

Made of a milk carton. Method: Wunderbare-Ankle

Made of a paper bag. Look for the method on

Giraffe from a paper plate, simple and fun! Look for the work description at

The famous verse Dikkertje Dap and the giraffe comes from the book Het Fluitketeltje, written by Annie M.G. Schmidt. The text of this can be read here: This original drawing (from 1961) is from Wim Bijnut

Image of Dikkertje Dap made by Hans Bayens in Schmidt's birthplace Kapelle (Zeeland). His inspiration was Annie M.G.. Schmidt!

(Or buy a giraffe costume for girls)

Giraffe of terracotta flower pots

Various craft ideas for making flowerpot giraffes! /The Craft Teacher Ede

Movable Giraffe - coloring page/building sheet

Make your own movable giraffe from cardboard

Giraffe mask

Make your own Giraffe mask from cardboard and play Fatty Dap/The Craft Teacher Ede

Free crochet pattern Giraffe - Design: Supergurumi

Design Supergurumi/The Craft Teacher Ede

Smart Giraffe

BijLenie sees a smart giraffe!

Man and Society: Save the giraffe!!!

Concerned about the giraffe/Rudi

The giraffe and the little boy

Beautiful picture/Light hethart

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