Matthews hadn't slept well the previous night. The thoughts of the dinner with Maximilian Bishop and Destiny had interrupted his sleep. Too bad his wife and kids hadn't felt tired the following morning.

He wanted to ask Riley what had that been about. Like every other parent, he didn't like it when his children kept secrets from him. Riley was not the kind of girl who kept secrets, but ever since she had met Destiny, that seemed to be all she was doing.

That morning, Destiny and Maya had come over to get ready for the college fair in their school. The classes were scheduled to be shorter so that the students could have enough time to check out what each college had to offer.

Watching Riley braid Destiny's hair and Maya curling hers, Matthews wondered where had the blissful days gone, when his children were younger and Riley thought boys had cooties. He remembered the days when Maya rebelled against homework.

He missed that.

He wished he could go back in time.

Riley has just finished doing Destiny's hair. She took a photo of it and showed it to her. "All done!"

Destiny smiled at the photo. She was proud of her new look. Had her mother been alive, she would have, as well. Her mother had been a very beautiful woman herself.

Her mother had been a very beautiful woman herself
The lessons that day had gone better than usual. Mostly the school fair had been discussed among the students, some of them already knowing exactly what they would look for. Most of them had headed to medicine or lawsuit.

Destiny only knew that Maya wanted to study Art.

"Had I been talented in other areas, I would have tried out in Juilliard, let's say," Maya had told her in class one time.

Destiny's mother had graduated from Juilliard before her demise. She had been a graceful and talented woman, who could have had her dreams come true, hadn't she died in a fatal car crash.

Destiny drooped at the thought of her mother and the school of Art. Her mother had known exactly what she wanted to be. Why couldn't Destiny be more like her parents? Why couldn't she be responsible and ambitious like her father? Or talented and beautiful, like her mother?

On the college fair, she had checked out different universities, but nothing seemed appealing enough for her. She just didn't know what she liked. She hadn't been the type of kid who had been exposed to many different activities. Nothing to help her when it came to her future.

A question, however, helped her at least be somehow more oriented.

"What do you do in your free time?"

She thought for a second. Besides getting to know her father and her new friends, there was only one thing.

Writing letters to the Destiny.

That was the day when Destiny decided she could be a writer.

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