When class ended, Destiny thought she was going to slip out of it unnoticed, alas she was proven wrong when Riley called after her and asked her what her next class was. It ended up that the group and the new student had together most of their classes. That disappointed Destiny. Even the only class she actually liked, English, she had it with Lucas. She hoped she would sit alone and get to listen. Even lunch was going to be longer than she thought.

It wasn't like she didn't want to have friends, it was the fact that she wasn't used to people wanting to communicate with her. The last thing Destiny wanted was to be rude to her classmates, so she had to fake more enthusiasm and hope they wouldn't suspect anything. She assumed she would have probably found new friends by the end of the week anyway.

Matthews waved at the group and the new kid, as they left the classroom, Riley having interlocked her arm with Destiny's and Maya doing the same. Great. Now everybody was going to notice her more. That was not what she had aimed for on her first day in a new school.

While walking together to the next class, Destiny swore she had heard someone say, probably pointing at her:

"Look at her! She's with the kings of John Quincy Adams!"

The kings of John Quincy Adams? What? John Quincy Adams had to be their previous school, but why were they "the kings"? Had they been popular among their peers?

Just when they walked in the classroom and Destiny handed her slip and was assigned a seat, surprisingly, next to someone who wasn't from the gang, she noticed how her outfit looked too simple in comparison to the girls from the gang's attires. And most of her classmates too. While theirs were girly and colourful, hers was too plain.

She lightly tugged on the sleeves of her grey shirt. I knew I should have dressed better, she thought, blaming herself. She felt like if they could read her thoughts Lucas would probably say that she looked wonderful and would flash a smile. To her, he looked like the guy he would do so. Just like Destiny's ex-boyfriend.

She thought of Keith. He was the first boy to take an interest in her. He was a senior and a jock and she was just a sophomore, invisible to pretty much the whole school. Nobody knew, however, what a big gesture he had made, how he had helped her with something no other high school boy would.

Their break-up hadn't been anything ugly. In fact, they had separated because of Destiny and her father. Maximilian had gotten the chance to teach in a catholic school in New York and he had accepted it, thinking it would be a good idea to move away and start fresh.

Destiny didn't mind moving. She knew her first relationship wouldn't last long. Keith was going to go to university and find himself a girl his age, she was aware of that, despite her lack of knowledge about relationships back then. Their relationship had ended with a hug. Nothing else. No promises to be friends. Nothing.

Of course, all of this was not a piece of information she was planning to share with her lunch buddies for the day.

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