Destiny had almost been caught by Riley and her way too smiley gang. If she was in a movie, she would have probably started sweating from nerves. Her stomach began making flips as if she was about to vomit. She would need to use the toilet if she didn't quickly greet them and suck it up for the whole day. At least during the second period, she would be with Sarah.

"Hi," she greeted them back, trying to sound as cheerful as the leader of the gang. It didn't work. It was like they could see through her. Riley, or as Destiny secretly called her, miss "I-can-detect-unhappiness", noticed that something was off. She was about to ask if everything was alright, but Lucas outran her.

"What's wrong?", his voice was too much for Destiny to handle. He sounded almost like Keith. Similar intonation, similar pronunciation, similar everything . . .

Impossible. Lucas was from Texas. Keith and Destiny were both from Maryland.

Stop overthinking!, she scolded herself and quickly began to think of an excuse. What was wrong? So many things. But she chose only one that was not the biggest priority. "Have you seen Sarah? I forgot to ask her for her number. We need to work together on something," she was trying to sound convincing enough.

Destiny wished she could gently tell them the truth. But at the same time, she had also just met Sarah. And at the same time she didn't know anyone else in the school. Nobody dared to talk to her, because everybody had assumed she was now part of the gang. It seemed like everyone feared them. Or admired them?

Then why had Sarah talked to her the previous day?

Just as the gang and Destiny were about to head to class, someone cleared their throat. When they turned around, there stood Sarah. Clearly creeped out.

"I didn't know you hung out with them," she spat maliciously, before she left Destiny with the gang, wondering what had she done wrong.

"Don't worry," Maya tried to cheer her up. "She'll come around, I'm sure."

Destiny ended up spending her whole day with the gang, disappointed. Neither she had made any new friends, neither the gang's jokes were as amusing as Sarah's. Talking about Sarah, she was mad at her for her own reasons that Destiny was unaware of. What did she have against the gang? Had she been a part of it? If yes, had they kicked her out? Had they done anything to hurt her anyhow?

After school, instead of going straight home to write her daily letter to the destiny, Destiny herself ended up in Central Park, on one of her swings. In her ears were her earphones, booming a song she had recently heard on the radio. Her only song on her phone currently. She was unsure of its meaning, but the vocalist's voice was soothing enough for her and the beat was indescribable. Who was that genial to make such music?

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