God and clothing, a special combination.

They have a very special relationship, clothing and religion. Perhaps that is most noticeable in the departure hall of Schiphol. At EL AL the Orthodox Jews are waiting. They seem to run away from a film with their braids, hats and black long coats. Closer, the jackets are not all equally clean. But the sign is clear: The Eternal wants us to be dressed like this. As if God himself had cut a three-piece black costume in paradise for Adam. By the way, they are passed by people with headscarves, Muslims in this case, because we are not on the Biblebelt, by people in Burkas who can't get through control, and a single Sikh, who by his god has to wear a turban to keep his long hair invisible. If you look closely, you can see a refo occasionally. Not that much, probably for a conservation mission organization traveling, but they are there. With skirts, blouse, slightly raised hair, all nothing wrong with it, but just so that you can see “it”. We can laugh or cry or be indifferent to it. But don't touch our own clothes. A reverend has to put on the gown, otherwise it's not real. In the long run, you're just gonna find this weird dress just like the Jews, Muslims and refos. And an evangelical predecessor a tie, except those in Goal-oriented congregations, for they wear a Hawaii shirt. At dinner, we're neater than usual, and otherwise it's not neat. An elder — even if it is a youth-oldest — must trade his jeans for a neater garment, and bare shoulders and too much bare leg are not generally accepted even in hopping evangelics. Meanwhile, we find it all very special when we have to cover the shoulders on holiday and not wear shorts when entering a church. And at a mosque, we respectfully take our shoes off. Each dress-reli also has its (or and especially hair!) own shops. The hats of the refo's, the togas, the elders suits. Doesn't clothing matter? That doesn't matter. Clothing may reproduce something of your inner self, but the misery cannot be overlooked when it becomes laws. And that's what they have become. Not only for children and adolescents, but who is free to dress the way they want? I hear “they” already say: “Yes, but that is dangerous, what can they not put on — or walk, that's even more dangerous.” But then the appearance is a reflection of the inner and not of the imposed panther of the common appearance that has been in place for centuries! It's so easy to maintain someone over their clothes. A conversation from heart to heart is more difficult, but more beautiful.”

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