God is near

God reveals Himself in His Word, the Bible. We read all about His character there, so we can get a picture of Who He is. We read that it concerns 3 people in 1: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God, our Creator, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter. This is briefly said, because there is, of course, much more to be said about.

God is very close

From this you can see how much He loves us. What I always find very special is that He speaks to us, but also literally shows how close He is. I get images sometimes. The last time I was going through a situation that hurt me and confused me. Something that has to do with an experience that took place in 1991 and was rather life-changing. That took place on May 28 of that year.


I was praying about that, walking to a tram stop. I asked God to come into that pain, touch me with His love and put His arms around me. That gave me an intense moment with Jesus. He couldn't be closer to me.

Yes, he lives in my heart. I love Him, know forgive me, also from that experience, but this wasAmazing. It was deeply touching. I literally saw Him face to face. I looked straight into His loving eyes. That's how close He was. I saw His eyes and His forehead at that moment. Right after that, I saw Him standing in front of me in a white robe. So close, so loving, so comforting, so full of grace.

That great God, creator of the universe, came very close to me, calling me His child. Abba Vader, I say to Him, Daddy God. He carries me on eagle wings and lifts me up when I can't move on. It is almost impossible to comprehend what He did and how close He was and wanted to be.

Is God really close?

Often we can have the idea that the sky is copper. We pray and pray and pray and it seems as if He does not see it, or He does not hear us and does not care about us.

But is that also true? Is He a cruel God who is far away and ignores us? Is He the man with a white beard who looks down on a cloud and makes life consciously difficult?


No, he's not. He's a holy God. He's perfect. He's sovereign. Not our will, but His will be done, as even His own Son spoke, when He asked for the poison cup to pass by Himself. He knew how much He would have to suffer for our sins, pain and sorrow.

God is so close And no; He does not always answer our prayers and yes, very often He answers them. Not in our time, but in His time and in His way. He knows what is good for us and He wants to be very close to Him when we call upon Him in our need.

He was there in the accident.

In 1987, I got into a traffic accident. Now I still suffer from the consequences of that. It limits me in my mobility and I am not a day without pain anymore. I would have given something to redo that day in a different way. Without that accident and without all the consequences. I'd be a lot less limited right now.


But even though I thought for years he wasn't there for me... he was there. He was much closer than I ever imagined, and I almost get tears in my eyes of emotion when I think about that. The moment someone prayed for me, I saw him. A few months ago (at the time of writing) at most. He was there. Jesus was there! I can't get over it when I think about that.

It cost me so much, but now I see how much it gave me. Or rather, how much He gave me. I see Jesus more often in an image. I only dreamed about Him once, after I prayed for it for months. The next morning I knew almost nothing about that dream, except that God had the lead role in it, of course. He deserves the first place in our lives and also in our dreams.

On those 4eAugust 1987 He was there. I didn't know Him, but He was there. I went over the head in a corner with the moped. What I remember is that I hit the curb and when I woke up, people were standing on me. Very shortly after I woke up, I noticed that I had a lot of pain in my knee and that it was impossible to stand on it; not even with the help of two men who asked. The ambulance came in, but that's not what this story is about.

What I saw in a vision is how Jesus stood there! I saw the bend where it happened, not so far away from my house. I saw an empty bend, no moped, no people, I was not there, but Jesus was there, and He stood with His arms wide open. Ready to catch me. And yes, I fell, but he caught me, and he made sure that I survived, that I could tell after it.

That great God I serve. He who gave His life for me. I saw Him in the bend; I saw Him on the bike - in front of the bike, but also on the back of the bike. I looked into His loving eyes and I saw him at a ditch in Midden-Delfland, where I walk regularly. I call it my prayer area. Jesus is closer than we often think. We just have to want to see it. We have to want to see Him. He's here. He wants to be there for us.


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