Goden Waltz


The leaders are not gods
But apostate of the Al

The scholars are not gods
The scientists know nothing

Get rid of gods and prove nothing
They take their right

And speak with false words
A few stop them

But it loses to the slaves
Held out of laughter

Do they fall into silence
Until they get up and call stop

They coincide with the follower
The blind will go see

Deaf people are going to hear again
Justice Overcomes Power

The false gods fall to earth

R v Meerten

Gods even more false than false
Around you left and right

Look left, though you think right
Look right, though you think left

Because nothing is so false
If the clean appearance:
Dark and slinks

The false gods are only falling still
If you can see through this
And you are truly liberated
of je m o e t e n and w i l

Esther Mostert