Goldilocks and the Three Bears

#history A long time ago in a large forest there were three very friendly bears who had woken up early to do their homework, in which they had to leave the house leaving everything open on the way In them comes a girl who had beautiful golden curls, was lost, hungry I entered without further thinking about the bear house, As I see there were three dishes, He tasted the first one and it was cold, He tasted the one in the middle and it was very hot, Until he tasted the one in the middle that it was warm after a meal he went to the beds upstairs, There was also three beds, The first very sunken, second wing very firm, The third was the best most comfortable at his disposal, That's why the bear family he returned home seeing each of his slashes and that the door was open in it they go to the room they check the bed until they see one that snores, great was his surprise when in one there was a girl, who after seeing them ran with surprise until returning to the forest
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