Google Hangout – All you need to Know!

Web chats and webinars have become an integral part of today’s business world ever since internet spread its paws around the corporate world. One such communication platform that has gained high popularity and is used widely is Google Hangout. It is a free service form Google and allows you to chat with friends and family through your computer, laptop, or even mobile phone. You can even video or voice call your friends and family and talk to them for as long as you want. As an effective tool for video conferencing, Google hangout can be quite beneficial for businesses as well, irrespective of the size of business. Besides being an effective source of communication, it also helps you reach external audience.
Hangout on Google, launched as a branch of an overhaul of Google’s services to substitute Google Talk, GChat, and Google Messenger, has now become an integral part of Google services to aid video conferencing and text messaging.

What is Hangout on Google?

Even though Hangout is not the latest app through the web, there are numerous ways in which you can use its central features. Above all, it helps you improve your personal as well as professional communication using the following functions:

•    An effective substitute to SMS

Hangout possesses a similar functionality and format as standard texting messages. Therefore, if, in any case, you lose your device, this is a quick and easy platform to communicate.  

•    Stay connected with your Contacts

The Hangout platform enables you to chat with as much as 250 people at once. You can also attach emojis, photos, GIFs, and stickers to your messages.

•    Sync Conversations

With Hangout on Google, you can sync your messages and conversations across your devices. Hangout has the feature to save all your messages to help you start a conversation on one device and later continue it over another.

•    Switch from Chat to Video Call instantly

You can instantly turn a text chat into a video call by just hitting the ‘VIDEO CALL’ button. Pressing the button will take you to a link to take you straight to a Google Meet call ready for you.  

Google Hangout – Making Teamwork Easy!

Hangout has been designed with the aim of making modern world teamwork easier and more effective. Being an effective communication tool, you can use Hangout on Google in numerous different ways within your company to make teamwork easier and smoother. It not only supports video marketing but also saves cost in the following ways.

•    Client Consultations

Communicating on Hangout is one of the easiest ways to correspond ‘face-to-face’ with your clients.  

•    Employee Engagement

Hangout enables you to connect with your employees, especially those working in remote mode.
•    Webinars
You can arrange webinars on Hangout if you are offering a forum for information and training or for potential consumers.

•    Customer Support

Hangout enables you solve different problems either one-t-many or one-to-one, while simultaneously enabling you to save and republish those replies. This further helps cutting down on support costs in future.

•    Product Demonstrations

You can use Hangout on Google to show product benefits in the form of video. In fact, the users can record, save, and publish the video for publicity.

•    Interviews

You can share live video interviews with people who matter for your business. This can be external or internal audience. This will enable you utilize the results on your website, YouTube, etc.

•    ‘Behind the Scenes’ Content

If you are comfortable with sharing Behind the Scenes content of your business, it is always a good option to broadcast idea sessions or design proposals. It can be anything to provide an insight into your brand and company. This can help you get true feedback form the audience.

How to Find Someone on Google Hangout

The Hangout communication app was created by Google in 2013. It was the first communication app that stood alone and incorporated features from Google Talk and Google Plus Messenger. At present, it is an integral part of the G-Suite line-up, consisting of Google Chat and Google Meet.
You might want to know about how to find someone on Google Hangout to catch up with them. It is a good place to chat, voice or video, with anyone you haven’t been in touch with since a while.
To learn about how to find someone on Google Hangout, checkout the following steps:
1.    Open the Hangout app on your device
2.    Hit the CONTACTS button
3.    Hit the NEW CONVERSATION option. Now, enter the email, name, or phone number in SEARCH BAR.
i.    If you have been in regular contact with the concerned person on Hangout, the information will appear in the dropdown menu.
ii.    If you haven’t been in touch with this person for a while, you can send them an INVITE on the Hangout app. The INVITE button will show up automatically if the person is not in your contact list.

Benefits of Using Google Hangout

To understand the key benefits of what is Hangout on Google, other than being a versatile and inexpensive communication app, are listed below.

•    Connections

Video conferencing on Hangout is one of the best and easiest ways to connect with your audience. This can include potential customers, potential business associates, and other companies.

•    Accessibility

Hangout is an easily accessible Google application. There are also a few people who don’t use a Google account for some reason. In such cases, Google Hangout allows you to use it as a guest.

•    Content

Hangout provides fresh content for your Google+ page. This provides you with increased potential audience.

•    Cost Effective

Running a Google Hangout only requires a working device which has a microphone and a working webcam.

If you are looking for cost effective and different possibilities for webinars, Google Hangout is one of the best options. It not only enables the businesses to reach and understand their audiences but also helps to maintain an interactive and engaging online presence, while simultaneously focusing on brand development.

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