&de Pangolin

Vandaag is het wereld Pangolin dag! En met ABUN hadden we deze maand ons 10e project speciaal voor de Pangolin.

De Pangolin wordt in het Nederlands ook wel Schubdier genoemd maar ik vind de internationale naam veel leuker! Ik houd het dus lekker bij Pangolin. We steunen de biologen die deze soort beschermen van harte. Hij wordt namelijk bedreigt door de handel in bushmeat. Ook worden zijn schubben gebruikt als alternatief medicijn (je weet wel, net zoals de hoorns van neushoorns (neushoornhoorn?).

Omdat we nog steeds on the road zijn maakte ik weer een briefkaart in aquarel. Van een zwartbuik pangolin, die schijnt de knapste van het stel van 8 te zijn. Hij is in iedergeval ook de kleinste en wordt maximaal 2,5 kilo.

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Around the forest and the park
The first thing I see when I enter the woods is a red-belted conk. Silently I move forward until a quick movement on my left makes me look up.A squirrel shoots at lightning speed into a tree. I have no time to focus. Within seconds, the animal has disappeared from sight. A little further on I am stared at by a blackbird.  I let my camera look back... I walk on to a park where I am noticed by a greylag goose. In the pond swim two Egyptian geese. The ancient Egyptians considered the Egyptian goose a sacred animal and frequently portrayed it in their art. Up in a tree I see something moving. A fast bird is running across a branch. Unfortunately, I can only take a few blurry photos.I'm guessing it's a short-toed treecreeper, but I'm not sure. It is the end of a long day of work and walking. I am tired and return home.The ducks have already tucked in for the night. #stroll #bos #park #birds
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What's your most important rule of life?
I'm very curious about yours. You can post below in the comments. How you got it ? Why this one is so important to you ? For example, one of my most important rules of life is, “Don't postpone anything.” Just learned by experience and because a lot of people die. My deadline is also approaching. How to turn it or turn. (I'm otherwise healthy hear:) And I was looking for a good working way to get a lot done. Have a lot of output. I always have space and freedom in my head because everything is finished. You can also post about it. I've linked a nice booster to it. Photo: The Warriors. #Ruleoflife