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Tulips in Drenthe.
#photography We went a few days back to drive part of the tulip route in Drenthe and I made a few pictures but it was terribly cold so I was done soon but I want to share one picture with you, the clouds sky and the tulips it gives a beautiful contrast. A field full of tulips beautiful to look at and then a tulip that has a very different color that then jumps out. I was very sorry that it was so cold and also that taking pictures didn't work so well because I'm sitting with my shoulder. Luckily it's going in the right direction with my shoulder after a big setback a hemorrhage in the shoulder it's now moving in the right direction. I took this photo with one hand with my mobile over the tulip field and so I cut the picture. I myself think it's a beautiful picture. Next year I hope for better weather, not so icy cold and then my shoulder is completely healed and I can take pictures more easily. Last week I also went to the polder to do a car adventure with my daughter and granddaughters and also took a few pictures of the tulip fields but it was blowing too hard and I didn't really succeed yet. So I hope you like this picture. And I hope that soon I can take more pictures the way I like it. This is a nice picture I would have liked to send him in for weather photo but was too late and therefore he deserves a place here! Happy weekend people and enjoy the little things in life!
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My Lego sets
Yoormembers Day! Today I show some of my Lego sets. The first is a racing car from Lego City. The second I broke down yesterday and then remade. The third is a shark, which I recently ordered through The fourth is a Santa Claus, which I also demolished yesterday and rebuilt. (I did not get the price from the box.) Thank you so much for reading this blog. I would certainly appreciate a heart!