Great divisions in the Netherlands have never experienced

Great divisions in the Netherlands about #corona #crisis . I've never seen this this way or experienced it this way. After the camp Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV and the Black Pieten discussion I have in #nederland never experienced so much division and fierce discussion as now during #coronawaanzin . The Netherlands never agrees with anything and sometimes that's just a good thing, different opinions. But it's so intense right now. In #rotterdam and #amsterdam it is now mandatory to wear a mouthcap in some places.


I think most of you will also be active on facebook or twitter. But on facebook if anything from the news or newspaper is shared, about the corona. Then you immediately get a fierce discussion. The one that plays now is the #mondkapjes They would be good, then they wouldn't. But people who do not want to let it know very clearly and those who think we should all wear it clearly show it.

Especially the unsubstantiated and totally lack knowledge of something and calling out that it would be good. Sometimes it's laughable to read. Although I am as close as possible to these messages and places, but that's very difficult now, I have to tell you. I sometimes feel inclined to get involved because some people really scream.

#rivm You don't take that seriously anymore. I mean, they'll really do their best and have the best at all. But then it's okay or not, then they don't actually know. Then I really think what are you doing, you amateurs? And you think that if you start yelling something now, people will still take it. You have lost your expertise by now. This is also a lot of discussion on facebook.

The divisions and the fierce of the people to persevere their point of view or opinion and the fact that they do not even know it themselves. But thinking that something is good, so to convey it to the people.