In Greece, linen, wool, cotton and silk were used for
make rectangular pieces edged on all four sides, seamless
no hem, accompanied by belts. The oldest dress was the exomis,
a rectangular cloth attached to the left shoulder, knotted under the arm
straight and tightened by a belt.

Regarding social and sex factors
that influenced fashion at this time peasants used to wear clothes
thick made of wool, with a leather cap and the most favored classes
wore linen or fine wool dresses, covered by a cloak, and women
they wore a long tunic called Peplo.

In Rome, as in Greece, wool, linen and silk were used, sometimes
intermingled. The garment that stands out the most at this time was
the subligaculum, a kind of shorts made up of a strip of
linen or leather around the thighs and tied around the waist on which the

Greece and Rome, fashion.